Cardinal Tattoo offers piercing seven says a week from noon to 10pm.  All single-hole, above-the-waist piercings are $15 cash.  Dermal anchors and genital piercings are $40.  All prices include the initial piercing jewelry.  Piercing is performed on a walk-in-only basis, so no appointments are necessary.  Minors must bring a parent or legal guardian and a state-issued, photo ID, as well as a birth certificate as documentation proving the relationship of the parent/guardian in order to get pierced. The last name (and address if using an ID) of the child must match the last name (and address if using an ID) of the parent, or a divorce decree/marriage certificate must be included in order to explain the name discrepancy.  If the minor does not have a state issued ID we will also need some form of photo identification corresponding to the child's name i.e. a yearbook photo with their name or and ident-a-kid card, in addition to the other materials listed above.