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Luau at Will's (!)

It's Will and Crystal's 13th wedding anniversary and they're throwing (another) party.  Last year's toga party was such a big hit, we wanted to enjoy it all together again.  This party will be Hawaiian/beach themed so wear bathing suits and grass skirts, board shorts and coconut bras, y'know, that sort of thing.  We'll have the grill going but we expect enough people to need help feeding everyone, so if you're coming and want to bring food, please call the shop or shoot Will an email at and let him know.  This party will be kid-friendly from noon to about 4 or so, so please bring your youngsters early and enjoy the bounce house, slip-n'-slide, games, and food.  Then leave, 'cause at 8pm the adults are going to start arriving and your children could be scarred FOR LIFE.  Trust me, I know.

Grown-ups:  bring your own booze and plan on bringing something to munch on too.  We'll supply chicken and burgers, ice, fire, and tunes.  If you get too drunk feel free to spend the night.  Parking is a bit limited so PLEASE carpool!  We expect a large turnout.  This is an open invitation to our friends and customers so consider yourself invited.  If at all possible please RSVP  (let us know you're going to show up) as early as possible so we can know how much stuff to buy.  Ladies interested in participating in the Jello wrestling tournament for a substantial cash prize can swing by Cardinal Tattoo to sign the release forms, no late entries will be allowed at the party!  Also, please don't try to pet the bear, he's basically a decoration just for fun and while docile, can be provoked, and we don't want a re-peat from a couple of years ago.  

Also, if anyone wants to get cute and bring that fucker Jerry, we will not vouch for his safety.  Consider yourself warned.

The address is 724 Anthony street in Gallatin

Earlier Event: April 30