Not all Knuckleheads are customers.  Sometimes they do tattoos.  

We allowed someone to start working at Cardinal Tattoo based off of prior knowledge that the person had about ten years experience in the business and just about all the rest of the information he gave was false.  Don't get us started.  

It took about three weeks to figure out this guy was a problem and to let him know his services would no longer be needed.  To this day he claims not to know why, which is actually a big part of the problem.  We have the rambling texts, photos of shoddy work, and the physical evidence of a significant substance abuse problem, all coupled with an alarming number of anecdotes about his personal behavior that, if he was being honest with himself, he would admit his faults and start working on them with Herculean intensity.

Three weeks. 

Some people have had shorter runs.  Like the young lady who wanted an apprenticeship but was so busy trying to sleep with just about everyone in the shop (male and female, tattooer and customer) that she forgot to try to learn how to tattoo.  That lasted about two weeks.

What about the 47 yr-old pothead that couldn't help getting stoned in the parking lot during business hours and had trouble showing up to work on time even though he should have known his work wasn't really of the caliber our customers expect?  He made it 7 days I think.  

What about the guy who had trouble showing up to work, EVERYDAY, EVERY FUCkin', waitatminute... 10, 9, 8, 7.... okay I'm better now.  Look, if you can't get to work on time, maybe you shouldn't have asked for the job, okay?

Still, considering the gamut of non-hackers that Will has been gracious enough to extend an opportunity to and the amount of time they were allowed to stick it out, three weeks should tell you a lot about how much of a problem this cat was.  It might make you think that we have a bunch of Knuckleheads working here.  What it should do is let you know that while Will has an interest in helping people and offering them opportunities, he has a standard that he will not allow us to fall below.  You can slip, you can fall, but if you don't take the initiative to get back up we're not going to carry any dead weight.  

Cardinal Tattoo has developed a reputation for being the best tattoo establishment for miles around based on the leadership and vision of a man that feels the weight of responsibility for his customers and his actions daily.  Experience has taught him that and he works to teach us that.  We hope the young man (who is no doubt reading this right now) who this post is about can see the error in his ways, turn over a new leaf, and create a better life for himself and his family.  Only then will he be able to show his face around Cardinal Tattoo again.

In the meantime, you can all rest soundly knowing that we currently have the strongest roster of artists (and human beings) working at Cardinal Tattoo that we ever have.  We say that again:  Cardinal Tattoo is, right now, the best it has ever been.