New Piercing Policy Begins October 1

 All single-hole, above-the-waist piercings are $30.  Dermal anchors are $40 and genital piercings are $80.  All prices include the initial piercing jewelry.  Piercing is performed from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM seven days a week. Additionally, we offer a window for piercing at 1:00 pm daily, these early piercings are by-appointment-only and if they are not booked in advance starting promptly at 1:00 pm the window will be closed for the day.

Piercing Club Membership cardholders are entitled to a 50% discount on all piercings except dermal anchors for the duration of their membership (usually 90 days). Any client who spends more than $100 on a tattoo at Cardinal Tattoo will be given a Piercing Club Membership card. Lifetime Piercing Memberships will be offered to the people we really like or anyone who asks nicely enough. Piercing club discounts will also be extended to the minor children of the cardholder.

We strongly (STRONGLY) recommend making an appointment to get a piercing. It’s quick and easy, just call the shop and set it up, and it will makes sure you receive timely service! We will accept walk-ins between 5:00 and 8:00 pm, but people with appointments will be given priority.

Minors must bring a parent or legal guardian and both the child and parent or guardian must bring a state-issued, photo ID, as well as a birth certificate (as documentation proving the relationship of the parent/guardian) in order to get pierced. The last name (and address if using an ID) of the child must match the last name (and address if using an ID) of the parent, or a divorce decree/marriage certificate must be included (in order to explain the name discrepancy).  If the minor does not have a state issued ID we will also need some form of photo identification corresponding to the child's name i.e. a yearbook photo with their name or and ident-a-kid card, in addition to the other materials listed above.

We will pierce children’s ears of any age as long as they can sit still and not cry (too much). We recommend very small children (under 7 or so), go to the Gallatin Children’s Clinic for ear piercings, they are better equipped for children so young. We will not pierce babies and if you ask us to pierce your minor daughter’s nipples you might just get punched in the face (it’s happened people, no joke).