Special Piercing Hours for Thursday, June 13th

Cardinal Tattoo will not be offering piercing until after 4pm on Thursday, June 13th.

As a matter of fact, we are toying with the idea of limiting our hours for piercing to a four-hour window: Either 3-7pm or 4-8pm. This will allow us to become more efficient at serving both our piercing customers as well as our tattoo clients.

For the past four years, Cardinal Tattoo has offered piercing services as a walk-in only service. Since we have become the only piercing establishment in Gallatin our piercing business has grown significantly, sometimes creating significantly long wait times to get pierced (more than 30 minutes). In order to alleviate this issue, we are instituting an abbreviated window of time to get a piercing and we will being accepting appointments for piercings in 10 or 15-minute windows of time. We would appreciate our customers’ opinion on this matter and will take every reasonable measure to make this transition a smooth one for everyone.

This will allow all of our piercing customers to receive prompt service and avoid protracted wait times. We will continue to revise the way we do business to better serve you! Log on to Cardinaltattoo.com for updates!