Will's Schedule and Booking

Our esteemed realism artist Will currently has only four more days available for tattoo appointments in August and his weekends are full until October. We strongly encourage any of his existing clients to contact Cardinal Tattoo and book, as Will is going to be raising his daily rate after the first of the year, even for his existing clientele. Please take advantage of this grace period before all of the time is booked!

Additionally, Will is going to be attending the Lenoir City Tattoo Convention in North Carolina with George Patrick from To the Grave Tattoo from August 30th to September 1st. His Friday appointment will be an $800 session, and his Saturday appointment will be for $1200 (this is a 12 hour day), large-scale realism work only. If you are interested in attending, please contact Cardinal Tattoo and submit your idea for approval, Will only does tattoos at these shows that he believes can contend for Tattoo of the Day awards, so he tends to be a little more picky about what he’ll do there.

Also on the convention schedule (an abbreviated one this year, due to familial obligations) is the Pit Row Tattoo Expo at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on October 4th-6th. A friend of ours, Mr. Cody Gower of Against the Grain Tattoo invited us to attend and it looks like a great time! Tasha Grey will also be attending and Will and Tasha are looking to book two all-day sessions apiece, the Friday appointment for either artist will be $800, the Saturday appointment will be $1200. Interested parties for either artist can contact Cardinal Tattoo at 615 527-7102 to submit your idea for approval and leave your contact information. If selected, we will call you to leave a deposit and arrange travel plans.

Going to shows with your tattoo artist is one of the more in-depth experiences you can have as a tattoo collector and we strongly recommend that you try it if you have the ability to do so! We never fail to have a good time and get some great stories to tell!