Will's New Rates

If you know us, you know our fearless leader Will. His work speaks for itself and has been the flagship that has taken Cardinal Tattoo to its current heights. His work is in such high demand that he has decided to change the way he charges to accommodate such a broad clientele. His new rates will take effect for all appointments made after July 1st. They are as such:

All day appointments based on an 8-hour day will be $800.

Black and grey portraits, Will’s preferred genre, will be a flat rate of $600, portraits routinely take more than six hours, but Will likes them and we like to keep him happy! Color portraits will be done at the $800 all-day rate.

Smaller-scale work will be done at the rate of $160 per hour.

Existing clients will be ‘grandfathered’ in at the old rate for a limited time and they will take precedence with regard to booking. We strongly encourage any clients who are working on larger-scale work to go ahead and book the necessary appointments to finish what you’ve started in order to take advantage of this policy! We hope to see you soon!