A Change of Policy

We at Cardinal Tattoo have long been a proponent of a 'do no harm' philosophy, to take the best interests of our clients to heart and give them the best possible outcome we can.  To that end, we have prohibited certain types of tattoo:  those that promote hate or show an affiliation with gang culture; as well as certain tattoo placement on those that are uninitiated to the detrimental impact having highly visible tattoo can have on one's life.  We have sincerely tried to do our best, to be the best for our clients.

Some folks don't appreciate that at all.

We've gotten complaints from eighteen-year-olds who want their first tattoo on their hand; from couples who have been dating for a full three months and want each other's names tattooed; young people who have  very stable career waiting tables or stocking shelves that are secure in the fact that they'll never need to interview for another job again.  It seems people understand that subject matter may make getting certain tattoos difficult, but that placement shouldn't matter at all.  It is their body after all, who are we to judge?

So, in the interest of serving our customers and reducing the sheer number of nasty reviews left on disgruntledcustomer.com, Cardinal Tattoo has decided to lift the ban on hand, neck, and face tattoos for people who don't meet our criteria of being either heavily tattooed, independently wealthy, or a convicted felon before taking the plunge into highly visible tattoos that could make it impossible to find a good job.  We're here to serve!  

So for those of you who don't meet the above criteria and want to get a tattoo on your hands, neck, or face against our informed judgement, feel free to swing on by Cardinal Tattoo, where the aforementioned artwork can be obtained at a reasonable price, starting at $1500.  Have a magical day!