King of the Jungle

The connection between a tattoo artist and a client can be a beautiful thing. Think about it-- you walk into a random building decked out with weird art all over the walls and creepy music playing over a loudspeaker and you ask someone who looks like a ferris wheel operator to draw you something to put on your body for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. It doesn't sound like an awesome idea by anybody's standards, but we do it anyway because humans are strange and we like weird stuff.

     Somewhere along the way in this process, you tell your new carny friend that you want a tattoo. 

Okay. Simple enough.

Then you give subject matter, detail level, and size. 

All right, sounds fair.

Then you give more details that must be executed in a very specific way and express how every small part of this tattoo is the most important part to you. Essentially, you have given a description for something that sounds perfectly reasonable to you but has the artist looking at you like you have two heads. 

     These situations arise all the time in the tattoo industry and can leave everyone involved feeling flustered. You want what you want, but your artist wants to give you the best tattoo possible and these two things don't always match up. But a compromise can be reached, and in  this space is where some of the best tattoo art is made. It is important for trust to exist between the artist and the person getting tattooed because you want someone who knows their stuff to help you determine any permanent additions to your body. To help build this trust, we offer portfolios for each of our artists and consultations so that customers can communicate with their own artist prior to being tattooed. This trust culminates in magnificent ways, and that is exactly how we got this lion tattoo. Done by resident artist Tasha Grey, this piece is the result of excellent communication between herself and her client, Wesley. 

     We want this experience to be possible for everyone who walks through the door at Cardinal Tattoo, and we work each day to deliver it the best we can.