A few policies explained...

With the resulting uptick in new customers unfamiliar with our services, it's time we revisited some of our policies and the reasoning behind them:

1.   Cardinal Tattoo will not tattoo your boyfriend or girlfriend's name on you, spouses only.  Reason:  Getting a tattoo removed or covered up is a small thing when compared to getting a divorce and if you're not ready to make that commitment, you shouldn't get the tattoo either.

2. No hands, neck, or faces unless you already have one of those locations on your body tattooed; you have at least one full sleeve; you're independently wealthy, or a convicted felon.  Reason:  Getting a highly visible part of your body tattooed can make it tough to get a job.  If you've already got it done or you have a lot of tattoos, you already understand this and have had to deal with it.  Independently wealthy people don't have to worry about getting a job, and convicted felons are already screwed with regard to finding good employment, a little thing like a tattoo won't hurt their chances anyway.

3.  No racist, hateful, or gang-related tattoos, to include Confederate flags.  Reason:  If you want these tattoos and don't understand why we'd rather not do them, we don't even want you in our establishment.  No discussion.  You shouldn't take pride in showing people how ignorant you are.

4.  To set an appointment, you must leave a $60 or $100 non-refundable deposit which will be deducted from the total cost of your tattoo.  If you don't want to leave a deposit, go somewhere else.  Reason:  If you're not willing to put your money where your mouth is, you're probably not going to show up.

5.  If you have an appointment and don't call to reschedule (at least 48 hours in advance) or you don't show up, you will forfeit your deposit.  If you wish to set another appointment after a no-call, no-show scenario, you will be required to pay for the entire tattoo or session in advance.  Reason:  We lose money when scheduled appointments don't show up, we can't afford to take a risk with someone who can't keep an appointment or let us know they won't be able to make it.

6.  We don't like price-shoppers.  It's offensive when someone comes into our establishment to ask a price, only to leave and come back twenty minutes later to schedule an appointment.  It's obvious you've asked around and come back to the least expensive place.  While Cardinal Tattoo is not interested in being the cheapest place in town, we do offer great value.  Rest assured our first quote on a given tattoo is our best.  For that reason, if you leave after getting a quote, when you come back, the price will increase.  It's simply a matter of pride in what we do and not wanting to be mistreated by people looking for a 'deal'.  If our best work at a fair price isn't good enough for you, please go somewhere else.

7.  We close at 10pm.  That means we won't start a tattoo that we can't finish by 10pm.  If you show up at 8:30 and want to get a tattoo that will take three hours to do, you're going to have to schedule an appointment.   Reason:  We get tired too.  We work 10 hour days, at least five days per week.  Unless you're willing to pay double, don't even ask us to stay late.  If that doesn't work for you, please go somewhere else.

8.  If you call and ask us if we have time to do a tattoo, the answer is always 'yes!'  That doesn't mean that we have time to do a tattoo right now.  You may have to set up an appointment for later that day, later that week,  sometime next month, or even later that year, depending on your individual needs and the artist's availability.  If you try to put us on the spot, the answer will be 'come on in and we'll see what we can do for you' or, 'walk-ins are done on a first come, first served basis, the sooner you get here the better off you are.'  Reason:  We're not trying to lie to anyone, but we understand that people tend to want the best tattoo they can get, even if they do get in a hurry sometime.  We also understand that if we tell you 'no' you're definitely not coming, while if we tell you 'yes' then maybe you'll show up, be impressed with the quality of work and people at Cardinal Tattoo, and schedule an appointment.  Besides, people who get angry when they can't get a tattoo right now aren't really the sorts of people we'd like to spend our time working on.  It's not fast food, it's permanent, if you're in a hurry, please go somewhere else.

9.  If you don't like something about us:  The way we look, the clothes we wear, our taste in music, our religious or political views, our sense of humor, our business practices, or anything else we do for that matter- please go somewhere else.  Reason:  Life's too short to deal with the frustration of not liking the person you're getting tattooed by or the place they work.  Getting tattooed should be an enjoyable process.  This is why Cardinal Tattoo is very up front with the way we conduct business, so that potential customers can determine whether they want to work with us or not.

If you've read this far, thank you.  We appreciate the small fraction of the population that cares enough about this art form to educate themselves about it.  We appreciate your interest in Cardinal Tattoo and look forward to serving you.  We will continue to do our very best.