Nashville Tattoo Convention Results!

Well, it’s that time again: The Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival has come and gone, the dust has settled, and it’s time to take stock of the great weekend we just had. In addition to making some great new friends and catching up with old ones, Cardinal Tattoo scored our usual litany of tattoo awards. This time, however, things were a bit different. This year, Will won an award for Best Horror Tattoo with a portrait of Frankenstein’s Monster he did ON HIMSELF!!! Karen also won her first-ever tattoo awards, four of them (!), including a Tattoo of the Day (which is kind of a big deal).

We would like to take this time to thank some of the people who made this possible, if we miss anyone please forgive us:

Maggie Kate; Wayne; Jordan; Curtis; Dakota; Daniel; Cristel; Mikey; Jay, Jeremiah, and Buzzy; miss Angeline; Crystal; and the great crews at Cardinal and Lighthouse Tattoo!

Here’s a list of the first places won at the show:

Best Chest Piece

Large Black and Grey

Tattoo of the Day (Color)

Best Color Portrait

Best Medium Black and Grey

Best Horror Tattoo

Best Sleeve

Best Black and Grey Portrait

We also won several second and third place trophies. All of this is pretty extraordinary considering Will asked his clients not to enter any pieces that had already been entered, as well as refusing to enter a tattoo in the tattoo of the day category. He quite literally won first place in every category he entered!