No price-shopping please.

For a while now, Cardinal Tattoo as been considered the best tattoo shop in Gallatin, indeed, in the entire North of Nashville area.  However, the tattooing landscape has recently changed and not necessarily for the better.  A new shop has opened and another has closed and this has resulted in new potential clients and a slew of new and, um, interesting behaviors.  The most interesting of these behaviors has been individuals who come into the shop shop only to ask how much a prospective tattoo might cost, with no real intention of setting an appointment.  Any tattooer will tell you that price shopping is one of the most hated behaviors that potential clients can exhibit and here's why:  Any tattooer worth their salt is only interested in doing the best tattoo they can, and any tattooer that's worth trusting with your body is worth trusting to not rip you off.  Cardinal Tattoo has proven time and again to be just that- good at what we do and fair in our prices.

So what's that mean for the people reading this?  If you're one of our dedicated clients and you've seen these things for yourself and know them to be true, not much.  If you're intent on getting the very best tattoo work possible from people who care about what they do and are focused on building a lasting relationship with our clientele, you're also in the right place.  If, however, you're only interested in getting a tattoo as cheaply as possible; or you don't trust our professional expertise with regard to how to give you the best tattoo; or you're not willing to set or keep an appointment in order for us to give you the best service we can, then you should go somewhere else.

That's right, we said it.  Drink it in.

Cardinal Tattoo was founded with the sole purpose of creating the best tattoo art we possibly can.  We've worked hard to create an environment where people can learn about tattoo art and culture as they become a part of it.  We love our little family that we've built and we will fiercely defend it from those who would seek to see it watered down or are driven solely by the prospect of monetary gain.

In order to reflect this ideology Cardinal Tattoo will no longer give price quotes for anyone who is not setting an appointment.  If you ask for a quote under the pretense that you were setting an appointment and leave anyway, when you return the quote will increase by 40%.  Cardinal Tattoo will not participate in any price matching or deal making beyond the great session rates we already offer. 

We don't charge a minimum, touch-ups are free within 90 days, our session rates are less than the industry standard and competitive with any law-abiding tattoo shop, anywhere.  We offer a safe, clean, drug-free and family-friendly environment that's centered on helping people express their individualism while protecting them from getting something they might regert later.  We've also won more awards for our work than any other shop for 20 or more miles.  

We hope you understand this necessary step we've taken to protect ourselves and our industry from those who don't care about anything but the bottom line in an industry where all too often 'you get what you pay for' is a paradox.