Tax Preparation

No, Cardinal Tattoo hasn't branched out into the world of quick refunds and payday loans, we just want to remind people that every year the same things happens:  Once people get their tax refund money, tattoo shops across the country get a huge influx of business from people who want to get tattooed RIGHT NOW, and there's just not enough of us to satisfy the demand.  Which is why you want to go ahead and book your appointment now in order to avoid long wait times to get that sweet new tattoo you've been waiting all year for.  

Every year we get tons of calls from people asking if they can get tattooed 'tonight', when they hear the answer's 'no' they hang up, never to be heard from again.  Until five months later, when they need the tattoo they got from the shop that wasn't busy covered up!  We've come to affectionately call this phenomena 'cover-up credit', poor planning that results in a tattoo fail.

I'm not even sure why we're telling you this.  Cover-up credit usually keeps us busy well into the winter when things are slow due to the fact that everyone's out Christmas shopping, spending all of their money on gifts that aren't of the tattoo variety.  Maybe it's because we'd rather do a good job on the front end instead of trying to shine up someone else's turd later.

So don't delay, a $60 deposit is all it takes to get your name on the books.  Will is booked until March 27th as of this writing, and tax refund season has a tendency to extend this already considerable wait time.  Visit Cardinal Tattoo today to avoid long waits through the summer!