Some People's Kids...

At Cardinal Tattoo we take deposits as a means of protecting our artists from last minute cancellations and no-shows.  We do this, because we've learned through experience that if we don't take deposits many people won't bother to let us know they aren't going to show up for their appointment.  If someone has to reschedule within 48 hours of their appointment time, we will keep the deposit if we are not able to fill the time. Usually 24 hours will do the trick, but the sooner we know we have to reschedule someone the better it is for everyone involved.


Which brings us here.  In the last couple of weeks we've had a run of last-minute reschedules that have resulted in people losing their deposits.  These people then feign surprise and get angry when we tell them they will have to leave another deposit to set another appointment.  Even though it's posted in several places inside the shop, we tell you when you set an appointment, and it's on this website  several times.  Including here.


When you set an appointment with a tattoo artist, it's not like grabbing something off the shelf at the supermarket and putting it into your shopping cart, where you can just put it back if you decide you don't want it before the purchase.  Setting an appointment with an artist involves them reserving time for you that day, to the exclusion of everyone else.  Just because you don't have something to show for it doesn't mean a transaction hasn't occurred.  Once your appointment is set, we make everyone else wait for you.  Everyone.  IN THE WORLD.  Heavy, ain't it?  But if you don't show and we can't book that time, we're not making $60, we're losing the money we rightfully expected to make, the balance of the entire tattoo.  The $60 is simply an incentive for people to call us as soon as they know they aren't going to be able to make it.  Getting angry for losing a deposit doesn't endear us to you either, every tattoo artist I know would rather tell someone to go pound sand that listen to their excuses about why they couldn't pick up a phone and let us know a week ago that they were broke and didn't have the money to get their tattoo right now.  Or they decided to go on vacation instead.  Or their cat died and they forgot all about their appointment.

We know life happens, all it takes is a phone call to make it right.

None of these things would be a problem if people didn't get angry when they lose their deposit, but it's because of those people that we take them in the first place.  So, here's the deal:  stop last minute rescheduling and no-shows and we'll quit taking deposits.  Or, we could just increase the amount of the deposit to the full amount of the tattoo and watch reasonable people's faces writhe in contortion as they try to figure out WTF is going on with these tattoo people.  Or you could just extend to us the courtesy any right-thinking adult would, call us as soon as you know you're not going to be able to make it.

As always, if you give us a little notice or we're able to book that time on short notice, we'll transfer your deposit over to your new appointment, no problem!  Otherwise, you'll have to leave another deposit.  Or you can go f