New Scheduling Format

Since we opened in August 2014, Cardinal Tattoo has gotten progressively busier.  The demand for good, conscientious tattoo work at a fair price is high and word has gotten around that we're the place to be.  Unfortunately for some, supply simply can't keep up with demand.  Will, our founder, even experimented with working seven days a week to try to keep up with the increasing number of people who want to book time with him.  So in order to better serve you he's decided to change how he schedules his appointments.   

Starting immediately Will is going to a single tattoo per day.  This single tattoo session will cost $400 and will last as long as, in his words, 'it needs to', somewhere in the 6-8 hour range.  He also commands complete creative freedom:  You tell him what your idea is, he designs a tattoo.  If you aren't ready to give him this sort of creative control, we have other artists that would be more than willing to help you.  The $400 session is a phenomenal deal for people getting larger-scale work and the single tattoo per day format gives Will the freedom to take as much time as needed to get to a good stopping point.  We hope you agree that this is the best way to continue improving the quality of the award winning work you've become accustomed to while keeping prices down or breaking our fearless leader's back.

Also, in order to continue to grow as an artist, Will has elected to forego doing any more cover-ups.  Of course, everything is negotiable, but please understand that his accepting cover-up work will be drastically limited.  We are sure you will find Karen Masters is more than capable of handling your cover-up needs, should you find yourself in need of them, but Cardinal Tattoo has been open for almost two years now and that's enough time to address the less-than-stellar tattoo situation here in Gallatin, TN.  Time to move on.  

To his long-time customers:  Will has asked that we mention that there will be exceptions to the rules listed above, it's a format that we seek to use to improve the quality of the work being done, not anger our friends and fans.  That being said this new way of doing things exists to allow Will to create even more spectacular artwork and we urge you to take this into account.  Wait times will be long, a consultation or two may be necessary, and while affordable (and a steal as far as the quality of work is concerned), it will not be cheap.  

As usual, Will takes a $60 non-refundable deposit on all of his appointments, due when the appointment is set.