The tax man cometh!

Tax refund season is in full bloom and that usually means great and terrible things for tattoo collectors.  Great because those extra funds can go to getting started on that sleeve or backpiece you've wanted but haven't had the money for, or just finally getting that tattoo that was a bit out of your budget until now.  Terrible because people have a tendency to think that all tattoo establishments and artists are the same, which often leads them to go to shop after shop once their check comes in until they find someone with the time to do their tattoo right now.  


We see it every year:  the artists at Cardinal Tattoo will be booked solid for several days (some even weeks!) and someone will come in, put $600 on the table and announce that they want to get their sleeve started today.  Um, no.  Frustrated and anxious to get their tattoo started, they leave and go to the nearest shop and do the same thing, until they find someone with the time available to start this monster tattoo project.  Unfortunately the monster turns out to be a monstrosity!  At Cardinal Tattoo our two lead artists are 'by-appointment-only'.  The others are not ready to work on larger-scale pieces.  So plan.  Do you really want to go to an artist who isn't busy during the busiest time of the year for tattooing?  Ever wonder why they're not busy?  These are questions you should ask yourself.


The single most important thing about a tattoo is satisfaction.  If you're not happy with the finished product it won't matter how much money you saved or the fact that you didn't have to wait to get it.  What matters is that you love the piece of art that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.  Seek out the best.  Visit Cardinal Tattoo today to make your appointment!