Philosophy is important.  How you think and feel about a thing impacts the way you treat it, what it is to you.  Cardinal Tattoo's philosophy regarding our work is simple:  We want to do the very best tattoo work possible.  In order to do that we work hard to stay at the very cutting edge of the technology available, the equipment, the pigments, the techniques.  We have a continuing education program for art implemented to insure that our art skills stay sharp and are ever-improving.  We take pride in having the most educated clientele and building a family of educated individuals, not just a business.  

Here's why that's important to you:  We're not going to be the cheapest place in town.  In fact, if money is your biggest concern (instead of getting the best tattoo possible) we'd prefer if you went somewhere else.  We don't want you to waste your time here and vice versa.  We do have a tiered level of ability so everyone can get what they want.  We have apprentice-level tattooers to do small stuff, and do it cheap.  We have journeyman-level tattooers with a decade of experience to meet your larger scale, more challenging tattoo ideas.  We also have one of the very best tattoo artists in the state, highly decorated with awards from various tattoo competitions at conventions across the nation.  We do everything from names and small infinity symbols on wrists that take minutes, to large-scale realism pieces that take months to complete.  All the while our motto is a simple one:  to do good tattoos at a fair price.