How to Care for a new Tattoo

          How you care for your new tattoo in the days and weeks during the healing process is as important as sitting down and getting the tattoo in the first place.  Good after care will not only result in a better looking healed tattoo, but it will make the healing process more comfortable and prevent infection.  Cardinal Tattoo uses universal precautions and aseptic condition, combined with a 100% disposable application process in order to guarantee that you were not exposed to infectious materials while getting your new tattoo.

        Don't ruin it once you get home.

        Follow these simple procedures:

1.  When you get home, wash your hands and then wash the tattoo with bare hands and a mild liquid soap.  Please remember to wash your hands first!  It defeats the purpose to wash your new tattoo with dirty hands.

2.  Let the tattoo air dry.

3.  Once the tattoo is dry, apply an unscented lotion to the tattoo.  It is best to use a brand that you know agrees with your skin type.  Do not use ointments or petroleum products of any kind on your tattoo!

4.  After applying the lotion, allow it to absorb into the skin for ten minutes then wash your hands and rinse the tattoo thoroughly.  While rinsing, rub the tattoo gently until it loses that slippery feel, this will remove any excess lotion.  Then make sure your tattoo is dry and you're all set!  Twice a day is usually plenty, though a third time made be added if you live in a dry climate or have dry skin.

     If you notice the tattoo becomes sweaty or wet-looking wash your hands and immediately rinse the tattoo.  this leaky substance will become a scab once it dries to your skin and will greatly inhibit the healing process if you allow it to do so.

Common Complications and Concerns

     Fresh tattoo scan stain clothing and sheets.  Change your sheets before going to bed so that you aren't sleeping on dirty sheets or ruining your favorites.  Keep these sheets for the next time you get tattooed!

     If you have pets, understand that pet hair and dander is one of the biggest culprits behind infected tattoos.  Keep pets away from your tattoo!  If you have furniture that cannot be wiped down and your pets sit on it, it should be considered contaminated and not used during the healing process.  All furniture that can be, should be wiped down prior to use.

     Your tattoo will itch.  Don't scratch or rub it.  The best way to soothe it is to apply some lotion and rinse it off.  this won't prevent the tattoo from itching, but it will help.  Hang in there!

     Don't soak your tattoo.  It can get wet enough to wash, but submerging it in a bath or swimming can compromise the integrity of the skin and ruin your tattoo.

     Don't tan.  The tattoo process damages the top layer of skin temporarily, getting too much sun on a fresh tattoo can not only ruin it, it can make you very ill.

     Avoid tight clothing.  Friction is the fresh tattoo's enemy.  Be aware of things like waistbands; bra straps; seatbelts; purse straps; shoes; etc. depending on the location of your tattoo and take measures to minimize this friction.

     If you have any questions please call Cardinal Tattoo at 615 527-7102 between the hours of noon and 10pm daily or even better, stop by the shop so we can take a look at it for you. Do not listen to your friends, family members, or another tattoo artist.  They might mean well but may not know what they're talking about.

Lastly, your tattoo will usually peel during the healing process (like a sunburn).  The layer that peels will have pigment in it.  Don't be alarmed it's perfectly normal.  People who have experience getting tattooed might laugh at this last one but we've had more that a few customers call the shop in a panic because they thought their tattoo was coming off!