It's a Girl!

This Sunday, July 29th, Cardinal Tattoo welcomed a new member to our family.  Lillian Rose Celeste Davis was born 6 lbs. 5 ozs at half past the hour of 7 in the evening.  Mother Karen and baby are home and doing well.  Dad could probably use a drink though.  We are currently taking appointments for Karen's return in September.  

New Pricing for Will

We always ask our customers if there's anything we can do to improve and honestly the only thing they've managed to come up with is the fact that Will only does very large tattoos.  While it's true that he is in high demand for large multi-session tattoo work, Will himself expressed concern for his customers who wanted smaller pieces but couldn't get in because of his all-day-only rate.  So Cardinal Tattoo put our thinking caps on and came up with a solution:  a tiered approach to Will's pricing!

So, as an experiment, Cardinal Tattoo's resident realism artist will be offering the following session rates:

$400 for 5 hours from either noon-5pm or 5pm-10pm. This will be suitable for smaller work like realistic black and grey roses or skulls, etc. small portraits or certain animal portraits.

$600 for an all-day (based on an 8-hour day, this will include most portrait work)

$700 for a 10-hour day.  This will be best for people getting large-scale work on areas of the body that are less painful, people with time constraints or budget concerns, and those with an especially high pain tolerance.

These rates are designed to insure that everyone interested in getting work from Will has access to him.  So if you wanted that small skull, single rose, smaller-than-average portrait, or anything in general but didn't want to have to spend the full $600 this is a great opportunity for you.  Unfortunately Will doesn't have time to do even smaller tattoos, the demand for his work is just too great, so the 5-hour session will be the minimum. 

We sincerely hope this new tiered approach will provide you with the flexibility to get whatever you want from one of Tennessee's most award-winning tattoo artists!